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Antonio Maria Guerra
Padua, Italy
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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files sent to your browser and stored on your device (computer, smartphone, smart TV, etc.) when visiting a website. They are designed to enable many different features and functionalities such as, for example, remembering your user preferences.

There are different types of cookies:
Session cookies: these cookies are cancelled when you close your browser because they are used to store information needed just for the duration of the session.
Permanent cookies: these cookies remain even when the browser is closed. They are used, for example, to remember your login details and password so you don’t have to type them again every time you access the same web site. They generally have an expiration date.

Cookies used by WebFodCulture and their purpose:

WebFoodCulture uses the following cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies: these cookies (WordPress and Cookie Notice cookies) are essential to Webfoodculture, enabling you to navigate it. Disabling them may create problems with the web site functionality. No personal data about you is collected from them by the WebFoodCulture Data Controller and Owner. Please refer to the WordPress web site and the Cookie Notice plugin web site for more information.

Performance & Functionality cookies: these cookies cover many different tasks, such as setting the page language (Polylang WordPress plugin) and letting you to share WebFoodCulture articles on social networks (AddToAny WordPress plugin). No personal data about you is collected from them by the WebFoodCulture Data Controller and Owner. Please refer to the Polylang website and the AddToAny Privacy Policy for more information.

Analytic cookies (Google Analytics Cookies): these cookies help to analyze how WebFoodCulture is used, gathering information about, for example, the number of visitors, their location etc. WebFoodCulture uses Google Analytics, set to gather only anonymized information, so that no personal data about you as an individual is collected by the WebFoodCulture Data Controller and Owner. To know more, please refer to the Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Third-party cookies: These cookies are installed by a page object connected to a domain different from the one hosting the page itself. WebFoodCulture uses Youtube Videos and iTunes embedded iframes. No personal data is collected from them by the WebFoodCulture Data Controller and Owner. Please refer to the YouTube Privacy Policy and the Apple Privacy Policy for more information.

Controlling cookies (OPT-OUT):

If you want to restrict or block the WebFoodCulture cookies, it’s possible to do it using your browser settings. Please refer to the help function of the browser itself or the instructions provided in the following links:
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Data requests:

It’s possible to contact directly the Data Controller and Owner for any further information about this Cookie Policy or to request data rectification / deletion / export. Please use the email address (here again, any information about you will be kept just for the period of time required to answer, then deleted), or the contact form present in the ‘about’ section of this website.