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The Most Typical Specialties

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Welcome! This section of WebFoodCulture is dedicated to the most typical specialties from the city of Naples. We will explain what makes them so special and inimitable, starting with their history and places, all seasoned with a large number of curiosities. Finally, we will discover the most traditional restaurants and producers, thanks to which it will be possible to savor the most authentic taste of these delicacies. Enjoy the reading!

Food and Wine Specialties from Naples: Sfogliatella Santa Rosa.

Few people know that the Neapolitan sfogliatella, the famous pastry dessert, is nothing else than the evolution of another one, known as ‘Santa Rosa’, born a few dozen kilometers from the ‘City of the Sun’, on the Amalfi Coast. (read more)

Origin: Amalfi Coast (Campania)       Typology: Desserts

Neapolitan Sfogliatella.

There is no doubt that Sfogliatella is rightfully part of the Neapolitan confectionary Olympus, along with other renowned delights such as Babà, Struffoli, and Pastiera. Despite its apparent simplicity, this pastry has a unique flavor. (read more)

Origin: Naples (Campania)
Typology: Desserts

Neapolitan Fried Pizza.

Even if specialties similar to fried pizza can be found in many parts of the world, the one from Naples boasts unique features: many of them are related to the particular nature of the city. These peculiar characteristics make it special. (read more)

Origin: Naples (Campania)
Typology: Street Food


The origins of Naples belong to a distant past. Founded in the VIII Century BC, Neapolis (‘new city’), soon became one of the most important centers of Magna Graecia, the southern part of the Italic peninsula colonized by the Ancient Greeks.

From then on, the history of this city was strongly influences by the succession of a large number of rulers, many of whom foreigners: each of them contributed to every aspect of its evolution. A unique stratification of cultures making this place unique in the world … ideal to savor some of the best delights of the Mediterranean cuisine.

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The variants of Babà.

As it often happens, over time variants of the more traditional gastronomic specialties arise. Babà is no exception: nowadays it’s possible to taste it accompanied, for example, by custard, whipped cream or chocolate. It may also happen that the dough is modeled in shapes different from the classic ones or that it’s enriched with a filling. (read more)

Neapolitan Rum Babà.

Probably not everyone knows that the origins Babà, the famous Neapolitan sweet, are linked to a region located in the North-East of France, Lorraine, and to a Polish king, Stanisław Leszczyński. (read more)

Origin: Naples (Campania)
Typology: Desserts

Margherita Pizza.

Not everyone knows that ‘Margherita,’ the queen of pizzas, takes its name from that of a real-life queen: Margherita of Savoy. Let’s find out something more about the most famous specialty. (read more)

Origin: Naples (Campania)
Typology: First Courses

The original pizza oven.

A particular type of wood oven must be used to cook the original Margherita pizza. It looks very much like an ice igloo. The roof of its internal chamber, the ‘volta’, is entirely coated with refractory material to keep the heat. The cooking surface (‘piano di cottura’) is made with the same material. (read more)

Food and Wine Specialties from Naples: Naples, panorama.

Naples, the City of the Sun.

Strolling around in Naples is an experience full of beautiful surprises. The bright sun of this city lights up breathtaking views, enhancing their colors and instilling unique feelings in the visitor.

The castle and the egg.

The enchanting panorama of the Gulf of Naples is enhanced by the solid walls of the ‘Castel dell’Ovo’ (Egg Castle). A name quite odd, no doubt about it, linked to a fascinating legend. According to this legend, the fortunes of the fortress (and of the city itself), could depend on the integrity of … an egg. Given its importance, it is said that this egg was hidden by the poet Virgil in a secret room inside the building.

Crocchè: the Neapolitan Potato Croquette.

‘Crocchè’, the prince of Neapolitan street food, is a fried delicacy, generally tasted by the locals while strolling through the ‘vicoli’, the charming alleys of the historic center of the City of the Sun. (read more)

Origin: Naples (Campania)
Typology: Street Food

Food and Wine Specialties from Naples: Naples, Tarallo Napoletano
Neapolitan Taralli.

‘Mergellina’ is the promenade of Naples. Strolling through this beautiful area, it’s possible to buy and enjoy ‘Taralli’: the typical salty biscuits from this city. (coming soon)

Origin: Naples (Campania)
Typology: Street Food

Crocchè the neapolitan potato croquette: Crocchè in the display of a typical fry shop.

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