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Italian Side Dishes
The Most Typical Specialties

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Welcome! This section of WebFoodCulture is dedicated to the most typical side dishes of the Italian gastronomy. We will explain what makes them so special and inimitable, starting with their history and places of origin, all seasoned with a large number of curiosities. Finally, we will discover the most traditional restaurants and producers, thanks to which it will be possible to savor the most authentic taste of these delicacies. Enjoy the reading!

I Grissini.

‘Grissini’, one of the most famous specialties from the Italian city of Turin, were invented a long time ago to feed a sick young prince. Napoleon, the famous French Emperor, loved so much ‘le petits bâtons de Turin’, to set up a specific courier service to have this specialty regularly delivered to Paris.

Origin: Turin (Piedmont)       Typology: Side Dishes

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Pretzel, bread for monks.

‘Pretzel’ is a type of bread very common in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and in the Adige / Südtirol area.

Even if there are no decisive proofs, its origin most probably dates back to the Medieval Period. Some think it was invented by monks: to support this theory they point out that its classic shape, the ‘pretzel knot’, has three holes, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.

Wine & Grapes.

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