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Historic Food Places
The Italian ‘Temples of Taste’

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Welcome! This section of WebFoodCulture is dedicated to all those ‘food places’ that, during time, distinguished themselves so much to become part of the imagination of every true gourmet. The following articles include their history, their land, their people, their exquisite specialties and many interesting facts. Enjoy the reading!

Venetian bacari.

Venice, the ‘city on the water’, is also the city of bacari: small, typical taverns where it’s possible to enjoy delicious appetizers, the ‘spuncioni’, accompanied by many glasses of wine, the ‘ombre’. (read more)

Origin: Venice (Veneto)       Typology: Historic Food Places

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Ballotta: Galileo’s trattoria.

There are ‘food places’ that, thanks to their history, enjoy immortal appeal. One such place can be found in the Veneto region: a trattoria that has been serving its specialties to ‘wayfarers’ of all kinds since the 1600s, including the scientist Galileo Galilei. (read more)

Origin: Montegrotto (Veneto)
Typology: Historic Food Places

The Venetian ‘Bacari’.

Strolling through the calli, the narrow Venetian alleys, it is easy to come across the ‘bacari’: small, charming taverns where you can enjoy the famous ‘Spritz’ cocktail, as well as some of the most delicious local specialties, the so-called ‘cicchetti’. (coming soon)

Origin: Venice (Veneto)
Typology: Historic Food Places

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Harry's Bar and the ‘trattoria’ spirit.

Even today, when buying a glass of wine in a Venetian bacaro, it would be appropriate to ask the innkeeper for an ‘ombra’ (literally, a ‘shadow’).  (read more)

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Goethe eats at Trattoria Ballotta.

In September 1786, the famous German writer J.W. von Goethe ate at the Trattoria Ballotta, enjoying particularly some dishes: the ’baccalà mantecato’ (creamed cod), the Montagnana ham and the stuffed quail. (read more)

Harry’s Bar.

Harry’s Bar is a fascinating place, rightly part of the collective imagination. Over the years, thanks to its customers and their stories, this bar has developed a soul of its own. Two delicious specialties have been invented within its walls: ‘Bellini’ and ‘Carpaccio’. (read more)

Origin: Venice (Veneto)       Typology: Historic Food Places

Harry's Bar and the ‘trattoria’ spirit.

Although many believe, probably because of the name, that Harry’s Bar is a bar, this is only partially true: it’s in fact primarily a restaurant.
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