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Italian Beverages
The Most Typical Specialties

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Welcome! This section of WebFoodCulture is dedicated to the most typical Italian beverages. We will explain what makes them so special and inimitable, starting with their history and places of origin, all seasoned with a large number of curiosities. Finally, we will discover their most traditional producers, thanks to which it will be possible to savor the most authentic taste of these specialties. Enjoy the reading!


Spritz is one of the most popular and appreciated Italian long drinks. Its first recipe, very simple, was born in Veneto region in the 19th century. Today, after a long evolution, its most known variation is ‘Aperol Spritz’, prepared using Aperol bitter. In 2011 this cocktail was ‘officialized’ by the IBA (International Bartenders Association), which named it ‘Spritz Veneziano’. (read more)

Origin: Venice (Veneto)       Typology: Beverages

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Maraschino liqueur.

‘Maraschino’ is the main ingredient of many famous cocktails. The captivating flavor of this liqueur comes from a particular kind of cherry, known as ‘marasca’. It was initially produced in the city of Zara by a few entrepreneurial families. (read more)

Origin: Montegrotto (Veneto)
Typology: Beverages

Neapolitan Coffee: History, Info, Interesting Facts
Neapolitan coffee.

In Naples, coffee, its preparation and even the way it should be drunk, are a true form of cult. The ‘tazzulella é café’ has a place of fundamental importance in the daily lives of the people living in the ‘City of the Sun’. (coming soon)

Origin: Naples (Campania)  
Typology: Beverages

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Tasting an Aperol Spritz in a ‘bacaro’.

Cannolo is a pastry rich in symbolic meaning: a fascinating mix of sacred and profane. Let’s consider, for example, its origins: some claim it was invented by the concubines of an emir, some others by the nuns of a convent. The devil and holy water. In addition to this, many think there is a resemblance between its shape and that of a penis. (read more)

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The Italian wines.

This section of WebFoodCulture is dedicated to the most typical Italian wines. We will explain what makes them so special, starting with their history and place of origin. (read more)

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