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Euganean Hills
The Most Typical Specialties

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Welcome! This section of WebFoodCulture is dedicated to the most typical specialties from the Euganean Hills. We will explain what makes them so special and inimitable, starting with their history and places, all seasoned with a large number of curiosities. Finally, we will discover the most traditional restaurants and producers, thanks to which it will be possible to savor the most authentic taste of these delicacies. Enjoy the reading!

Food and wine specialties from the Euganean Hills: Maraschino liqueur.

Establishing with precision the origins of Sicilian Cannoli is not an easy task: we know for sure that it was the year 70 BC when, in one of his writings, the famous Roman orator Marcus Tullius Cicero described a very similar dessert. (read more)

Origin: Montegrotto (Veneto)      Typology: Beverages

Ballotta: Galileo’s trattoria.

There are ‘food places’ that, thanks to their history, enjoy immortal appeal. One such place can be found in the Veneto region: a trattoria that has been serving its specialties to ‘wayfarers’ of all kinds since the 1600s, including the scientist Galileo Galilei. (read more)

Origin: Montegrotto (Veneto)
Typology: Historic Food Places

Friularo wine.

Friularo wine has always been famous for its strong personality: something to keep in mind when drinking it. There are no certainties about the origins of its name: it probably comes from the dialect word ‘frigolearo’. (read more)

Origin: Bagnoli (Veneto)
Typology: Wines

The Euganean Hills.

The Euganian Hills are a group of volcanic reliefs whose height does not exceed six hundred meters. They rise from the Po valley plain, in the northeast of the Italian peninsula, not too far from the city of Padova. Their name comes from Latin: it was used by the Ancient Romans for the local population.

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Maraschino on the Titanic.

Such was the fame of the Maraschino in the early 1900s to be served in the luxurious halls of the famous RMS Titanic, during his first (and last) voyage. It’s fascinating to think that a bottle of this liqueur could still be found in the wreck of the ship, lying on the seabed, thousands of meters underwater. (read more)

Euganean Hills - Landscape.

Euganean Hills: places of taste and culture.

Just a few images are more than enough to understand the magic and charm of the Euganean Hills. Their gentle slopes create a relaxing landscape, marked by the sounds, the scents and the colors of nature. Endless rows of vines, similar to a precious diadem, surround a place suspended in time, whose pace is perfect for study and meditation.

One of the most precious gems of the Euganean Hills is certainly Arquà Petrarca. Part of the name of this village derives from that of one of its greatest admirers, the famous Fouteenth Century writer Francesco Petrarca. It’s without doubts a magical place: walking through its narrow alleys, it’s possible to breathe air full of culture and history.

Goethe eats at Trattoria Ballotta.

In September 1786, the famous German writer J.W. von Goethe ate at the Trattoria Ballotta, enjoying particularly some dishes: the ’baccalà mantecato’ (creamed cod), the Montagnana ham and the stuffed quail. (read more)

Bagnoli, the birthplace of Friularo wine.

Friularo wine is produced in the lands surrounding the Municipality of Bagnoli, located in the Italian region of Veneto, not far from the city of Padua. (read more)

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